Rug Process:

Wool Import

Good Carpets emerge from good quality wool. since then the New Zealand Industry has been graded as the best for wool, we therefore import raw wool from New Zealand and other European countries like Italy and Spain.

Spinning Mill

The wool when it arrives to our factory is often sorted out and is then put in the mill to produce woolen thread and fibers. The fibers threads are then twisted to their required count for production.


Our vendor’s dyeing system comprises of 8 chambers with a capacity of 1200 kg in 2 hours. The chambers are supplied with heated water and colors are added to dye the wool. Dyeing complete the process of preparation of material.


Weaving- the production of carpets we produce to meet our customers demand. Our production includes Hand-knotted carpets, Indo-Nepal carpets, Hand-tufted Carpets, Handloom Carpets, Shaggy, Kilims, etc. Each carpet is weaved knot by knot under the guidance of good experienced supervisors.


Washing cleans the carpet and enshrines it with a lustrous look we use it with a lustrous look we use good quality chemicals to make our carpets look rich.


The best drying process for carpets is sunlight. But in the rainy season, drying becomes difficult to meet on time. On time shipment of carpets we dry our carpets in our own drying chamber which has a capacity of drying 500sq. meter carpets per day.

Sheering & Embossing

Sheering involves clipping so as to level the piles of the carpets. Embossing involves carving of designs so as to take out the designs.

R & D

Our designers in the R & D department labor to produce exquisite designs. New experiments are always done in all departments’ wool spinning, washing, etc.

Quality Control

Our managers and supervisors spend quality time for management of good quality of carpets. All the process of production, spinning colorings, weaving,packing anduntil the goods are finally dispatched / loaded into the vessel for shipment.


We ship worldwide to your doorstep. The process is managed by our logistics team that keeps clients up to date with the delivery status.

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