The Phenix Social

The Phenix Carpet is equally passionate about discharging its social obligations as it is
about retaining its position in the world market as a leading manufacturer and exporter of
woolen and cotton carpets from India. The company is committed to contributing to
various social causes.

The urge to contribute to social causes took shape around five years ago when the company
established a school for children in 2009-10. Adarsh Balika is dedicated to education and
training, and the school offers free education to the children of needy people in the locality.
The company has ambitious plans for contributing to other social causes too, and the
establishment of this school can be seen as the first major step in that direction.
Presently, there are 240 pupils in the school, consisting of 100 boys and 140 girls. The
existing facility provides education for children from nursery up to class sixth level. The
company plans to gradually expand up to the high school level in the future. The children
are cared for by six female teachers and two assistants. The school operates from ten
rooms in a single-story building and has so far successfully enabled 350 students to
complete their schooling which is a commendable achievement in this remote part of the
English and Hindi are the vernaculars included in the curriculum, which also covers general
knowledge and science. The company provides 20% funding and assistance in running the
school and takes an active interest in ensuring that the objective of setting up the school is
This is an initiative taken exclusively by The Phenix Carpet, which provides funds and

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